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AuduBlog: The Glories of Bird Watching

by 2020 Summer Intern Sydney Fiorentino

Do you ever sit and observe your surroundings? Whether that be in the city, in a forest, or in your own backyard, there are a multitude of bird species waiting to be discovered. There’s a lot that we won’t know or realize about our surroundings, and there’s a lot of enjoyment we can get by observing it. Everytime I step outside and walk into nature, I feel refreshed by cool air, and I feel at peace with all the bird and nature sounds. When I get the chance to actually realize where I live and what I am surrounded by, I see so many birds and so many aspects of nature I never paid attention to before. I see small birds flying around from tree to tree, and it gives me peace because I get to bond with the environment. Stepping out into nature and getting fresh air is beneficial to everyone’s health. While you’re outside, observe your surroundings and its wildlife.

By connecting with nature, you will get the chance to see numerous birds. If you birdwatch, it gives you a love for nature and what it has to offer. You’ll get to appreciate what’s around you, and how nature is a habitat and home for birds. You’ll begin to understand that the environment is home to wildlife and the trees and various nests protect these beautiful creatures, just like your house protects you. 

Once you start to connect with the outdoors, you’ll be more aware of how your actions affect the environment. Pollution, such as light pollution or littering affects birds and wildlife. Their habitats and their migration patterns are affected, and that’s due to human activity. Reducing light pollution for instance, or not throwing plastic on the sidewalk are both examples of how you could take environmental responsibility.

If you see someone observing a bird, you can strike a conversation with them and make a new friend! People like to bird watch in different ways by documenting their findings through drawings or written records, contemplating their surroundings, and by spotting and distinguishing specific birds. In general, you can learn so much by birdwatching. You can learn about which birds are native to the area, what a specific bird’s habitat is like, and their migration pattern.

Bird watching and caring about the environment can be your new hobbies! You can find people with similar interests all around you! In the Bay Area, there are numerous places you can feel the ambience of the outdoors and truly view wildlife. Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, Bothin Marsh Preserve, Mt. Tamalpais State Park, and San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Exploring beautiful places like these through the lens of bird watching can help your mental state, your physical health, and broaden your perspective on life.

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