Environmental Journalism Internship

Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta). Photo: Anna N. Chapman / Wikimedia Commons (CC0 1.0 Deed)

Be the Voice of Change

A flagship program designed to let participants explore environmental stewardship through storytelling.

The Environmental Journalism Internship will host a small cohort of high school interns for an accelerated course on multimedia approaches to communicating about the environment and our lived experiences within it. The 6-week course will consist of weekly writing projects in both individual and group settings as well as a capstone project on the topic of their choice. With video, audio, and written communication, interns will use a rich toolbox to tell stories from start to finish. From the conception of an idea to its publication on our website or social media, students will have creative ownership over their projects at every step of the way.

Students will also receive lessons in journalistic best practices, copyediting, and understanding narrative structure. The editing process on all writing projects will be collaborative, giving students the opportunity to actively learn and bolster their skills as storytellers. Interns will exit the program with Audubon author bylines to help kickstart future journalistic and conservation-focused endeavors.

Upon completion of this program, interns will be armed with robust reporting, editing, and writing skills and a nuanced understanding of the current landscape of environmental media. They will leave with the skills to empathetically, factually, and authentically communicate about issues that connect us all. The ambition of this program is to inspire students to consider careers in conservation and environmental education to further foster stewardship and care for our ecosystems.

Program overview of environmental journalism program.
Program overview of environmental journalism program.

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